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Re: Why is FLAC supposedly so bad?

Originally Posted by feralicious
Okay... STOP!!! I don't want any new things to learn!!! My brain hurts...

I took a peek at WavPack and I think it looks a bit involved, but then I didn't install it, just looked at the website and a few posts about it.
lol, sorry, feralicious. i've been using WavPack for the last 2 years+... great stuff.

one *possible* advantage, or feature, of WavPack over other formats IMO is the option of being able to create SFX (Self-Extracting Files) of WAV files. this feature alone (aside from the 32-bit float compression) is invaluable to me... after i do a transfer, i create an MD5 or SFV file of the original WAV file, then compress it to SFX format.

this is a good feature because the WAV file is packed into a Self-Extracting file... meaning, even someone who does NOT have WavPack installed can extract the WAV file. it's also good because - heaven forbid - it guarantees future compatibility with any M$ O/S, i.e. any M$ O/S is sure to be able to run an .EXE file (and hence, it would decompress/unpack the WAV file).

so, assuming the media i archive my transfers to has any decent longevity, in 7 years when Windows 2012 is out, i can still extract my transferred archives regardless of whether or not WavPack or FLAC or SHN were compatible with W2012 or not. (i would think FLAC will be, but you never know. i pretty much doubt SHN will be, but perhaps it may... but by having SFX files, i'm not taking any chances.)

btw, another feature i like in WavPack is the hybrid mode... this way, you can get what is equivalent to a "high quality" (320 kbps) MP3 fairly quickly in a download, and then grab the additional file to unpack the *lossless* WAV file (which is identical to the original WAV file pre-compression). very cool stuff.

oh, and feralicious - i thought new programs/techie stuff was up your alley... you being a "geek girl" and all. but seriously, WavPack is easy to use, especially with the Frontend.

word to the WavPack.
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