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A New Idea For Remastered Seeds

I am going to be seeding here, as time permits, so more of my remastered old analog sources, but had an idea and wanted to throw it out there for some feedback. I thought it would be a good idea, since so much argument comes out about remastering ruining seeds, to put together some seeds with both the originals and the remastered versions together.

This would not only allow people to critically judge the remastering job that was done, but also discard it in favor of the "untouched" version should they find it more appealing. It would, of course, require twice the download time to do, but seeing as how this is a community of obessive archvists with a handful of people interested in remastering techniques, maybe there would be enough interest for people to download.

I always add very detailed notes with my remasters about what was adjusted, so it might also be a way for people to learn and/or give critical feedback as to my methods.

So....anyone like or hate the idea?
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