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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by freezer View Post
Originally Posted by bill_kate View Post
I have taped nothing.
NO Shit.

How did I guess THAT???

Thanks, but no one needs YOUR permission to do anything.

But, again, thanks for the condesending remark.

Currently I'm teaching a college level course in hoarding.

I'll be sure to include your permission slip as the end of the semester to all the graduates.

Originally Posted by bill_kate View Post
and as a Taper you don't owe anyone anything. I am not part of that school of thought. I am more referring to the people that brag about what they have and can't/won't trade. Definitely some sort of 'Look what I have and you don't' mentality that I didn't get or like in grade school either.

Bullshit, I own what I taped and end of story. And that's NOT bragging, except to someone who is jumping to a conclusion.

Good luck with that.

And NO one is teasing you with anything, because no recordings were mentioned.

My friend, that looks to be some sort of misunderstanding that might be dating as far back as grammer school.

You might want to seek professional help in that regards.

Look again. I said and as a Taper you don't owe anyone anything
You see, I have mostly agreed with all of your rants about said topic. I even tried to explain I was more referring to the collectors, not the tapers.

It's OK, I did the exact same thing in the Jerry thread I started. One little word changes the whole meaning.
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