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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by skip View Post
Look at all these inveterate leechers trying to rationalize their stealing from the community

Just a couple thoughts for the bad ratio types -- how many torrents have you killed by not seeding? How do you justify that? Have you ever downloaded a show that had just 1 or 2 seeders? Be glad those people don't act like you.
Some ppl DON'T WANT TO BE PART OF ANY PARTICULAR COMMUNITY in order to listen to music - i know i don't. Forst of all, i like talking to and being around REAL LIVE people rather than talking in the net. But it's not that i don't talk to people in the net, i'm always happy to make personal friends, who are actually interested in what i have to say or i'm interested in what they have to say, nor do i avoid all message boards, but to waste my time yammering about music with random people? No thanks.

We also don't live under outright communism just yet - at least in letter the western society is individualistic. You people gotta re-learn what liberty means and what are the principles behind it.

If you share your recordings, what is wrong with ppl downloading them without giving anything back? You are the one who shared unselfishly, but then you make demands. There are really nice people who share recordings and are happy people appreciate them and enjoy them - and these people don't demand anything back - except perhaps they like to know that their efforts are being appreciated - these are really DECENT sharers.

And i never jump off torrents when i'm the only seeder and someone is downloading - but that's the thing, in the end people who support individualism and liberty are actually decent people - that kind of thing isn't decided by ratio (you wanna know how many people i have sent shows just cause i've had something they wanted? At least over ten - but i SURE AS HELL wouldn't want to do it if i felt FORCED so that someone accepts me and deems me worthy - nor do i ALWAYS do it, sometimes i have my reasons not to.)

But under liberty, even being not decent should be allowed because we're all on our own trips on this planet.

Ultimately, the people who jump off torrents bveing the only seeder etc., are the only ones who know why they do that. If they feel they are doing the right thing - it's their business to learn on their own whether or not they are not. By FORCING A POLICY you will not make a SINGLE PERSON better in any way shape or form on this planet. And ultimately it's not up to you to decide what's better.

And why do i read threads just as this if i don't have time or interest in this "community"? Because i saw the title of the thread and thought i would have something constructive to say.

No need to debate with me, you'll come to your own understanding through the application of your God-given sentience - as have/will i.

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