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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by fuzzybeard View Post
I am not so sure about that. Sometimes one can't judge simply by the "ratio" number. Especially if it is between .5 and 1, as in the post above.

I have a poor uplink. I constantly loose the ability to share back to those seeders with faster connections. I download unusual shows and few want them afterwards. On dime I have specialized to serving those torrents that everybody else has dropped as I tent to enjoy the more obscure things that quickly get dropped by most. so I serve about a couple of shows a week that I am the only seeder of. That is the only way I can keep an acceptable share ratio at all. I am still picking up more shows than I am able to share back (less then 1 ratio) but it would be a shame to pass on some that for sure will disappear for ever if I don't pick them up. I know this for sure. Once a year for 1 month I am on a fast connection (guess where, Germany has the best connections, lol). And then its obvious how I then have no problem to catch back up.

You might want to consider letting those obscure shows drop off the trackers and then reseed them 6 months later, you will get a better ratio for being the uploader and perhaps draw new interest to the obscure show.
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