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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

I am not so sure about that. Sometimes one can't judge simply by the "ratio" number. Especially if it is between .5 and 1, as in the post above.

I have a poor uplink. I constantly loose the ability to share back to those seeders with faster connections. I download unusual shows and few want them afterwards. On dime I have specialized to serving those torrents that everybody else has dropped as I tent to enjoy the more obscure things that quickly get dropped by most. so I serve about a couple of shows a week that I am the only seeder of. That is the only way I can keep an acceptable share ratio at all. I am still picking up more shows than I am able to share back (less then 1 ratio) but it would be a shame to pass on some that for sure will disappear for ever if I don't pick them up. I know this for sure. Once a year for 1 month I am on a fast connection (guess where, Germany has the best connections, lol). And then its obvious how I then have no problem to catch back up.

I am *not* a leacher. I have shared for 20 years. I have worn out numerous Dat machines running trees and doing B&Ps in datheads days. I keep all the shows in original form. Been lossless since day one. If doing B&P is a way for me to inprove my ratio, please I will do b&p no problems but credit would be nice. How do I go about this?

Now the tradersden domain name trouble:

I was busy and did not realize what happened. I thought my seeds had fallen of the tracker or ?? and deleted the torrentfiles and then I realized it was all the traderden files !!
So then I found out the site was gone and rediscovered it. so now all my tradersden shows are disconnected and have moved to the backup drive. If anyone sees my offers to reconnect them and no one else is there to seed please drop me a mail with the torrent link and I will hook you up

Also thanks to the moderators from me for providing these places and dealing with the current troubles.
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