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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

i don't understand all the "unselfish" and "friendly" sharers who then complain if someone doesn't do the same thing. Life's about much more than making sure your upload ratio is high and thus getting a rubber stamp of approval from some people in an internet forum.

i try with how much i think is reasonable - i keep my dls seeding as long as i have disc space, but my connexion is not fast enough to be among the first to finish, and usually i jump on a new torrent kinda late so i almost never get the share to over 1 no matter how much i wait - on a few torrents i've managed. (Also it seems to me that for whatever reason, when someone is downloading, miraculously he might be getting at 10kbps from me when i'm alone seeding, but when someone else jumps on it his speed goes to 50 or whatever and my share of that is still only idea why, when i have 20-30kbps of free bandwidth.) And i've never jumped off a torrent with someone downloading where i'm the only seeder.

Even ppl who really won't share, probably have some inner reason for it, other than "being selfish assholes" - and so what if they don't? What's it to you? You really spend your life worrying about other people's doings and not-doings? Get a life. If they don't share that's their business and it's up to them to decide what to do with their lives. If you wanna share, share, if not, don't. Simple. i'm against all forms of fascism and socialism - and that's what forcing other people to submit to "reasonable guidelines" really comes down to - control.

Life is not, in any way shape or form about 1:1 ratio, in any respect on individual basis - if you can't figure that out, good luck with the rest of your life being a DECENT person. People who try to FORCE decency and goodwill are the most fascistic of all.
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