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Re: Why is FLAC supposedly so bad?

Originally Posted by ssamadhi97
  • the "official" reference decoder implementation is pretty much un(re)usable.
  • nobody feels like reimplementing it to create a sane decoder
  • the foobar plugin is actually based on a somewhat sane independent decoder implementation, but the foo_shn devs are lazy bastards and mostly uninterested in Linux, so they're not going to make a gstreamer plugin anytime soon either (trust me on this one. I know.)
That should cover it..
Well, another big problem with shorten (in the eyes of the gstreamer folks) is the licensing situation which is unclear on modified source distribution and basically forbides commercial usage which makes it difficult to get into a commercial product. So the unfree license keeps it out.

Source for a shorten plugin for gstreamer exists in the CVS sandbox in the gstreamer codetree: My understanding is that it is largely abandoned, probably because of the reasons you cite above.
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