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Re: Firewall Help

No, the ip adress is configured correctly in the router. It is the same as the ip adress that showed up with ipconfig. I've also tried to disable/enable the router several times, and deleted and restarted the port forwarding too.
When I tried to upload the torrent file into this messege, the command went through but with a filesize error:
Upload Errors
BFFT 1995.08.03.torrent.torrent:
File Too Large. Limit for this filetype is 195.3 KB. Your file is 328.8 KB.
Bela 1995.08.03 coverart.jpg:
File Too Large. Limit for this filetype is 1.05 MB. Your file is 1.78 MB.

When I am trying to add the torrent into the thread, I click on 'upload' and then it says "sending request to TTD" then it says "waiting on TTD" and gets stuck there.
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