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Re: The invisible seeder

Originally Posted by harpsichord View Post
I wonder if those folks have found the new site yet, or just left the seed running. Do you have some way of email notification to members? It's looking more like GoDaddy is in no hurry to correct this problem any time soon.
I don't ask members to verify emails, and so I don't want to send out a ton (80,000 members!) of emails to users and have a bunch of them bounce. I also HATE getting emails from sites. If people are wondering what happened to the site, I have posted on our journal, Dime's yahoo group, tapecity, jamtothis, and planetrocklossless. I think it's also been posted on a few other forums. It's also available on google. Users can find the place if they look. I haven't put a whole lot of effort into it figuring that a week or so off of a site isn't the end of the world.
Originally Posted by harpsichord View Post
Luckily for me, my client of choice (Deluge, which is multi-platform btw) has an 'edit tracker' option that's sinfully easy to use - I didn't even need prompting to try it out. Ain't I swell ?
I need to add that to our software links page. I assume it is free? But yes, Azureus/Vuze, uTorrent, and it looks like Deluge all make it really, really easy to change urls. (hint, hint, Oliver! )
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