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Re: Our domains have been stolen

RE: The domain theft.
When I checked the Whois database it doesn't show any evidence that any privileges for this domain have been transferred. It appears the client status including the name, address and e-mail haven't changed so it's not clear to me how the rights or authority do not rest with parties listed. I realize it's possible to temporarily "steal" anything from a financial identity to a parking space. But it isn't clear to me how or why any third-party is able to provide a more convincing case (for ownership) then the owners listed.
As a point of information it might be helpful to know how the system is flawed and/or why the safeguards are so lax. Simply put, it isn't clear to me that ownership was transferred so I don't understand how someone is able to hold your site hostage while all proof of ownership (care-custody-control) rests with "you".
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