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Re: Our domains have been stolen

The domains have absolutely nothing to do with the hosting service. It is because of our good hosting service that they did not steal our servers also and it's also because of our hosting service that we have this domain up and running at the moment. Quickpacket, and Jeff, the owner, have been great throughout all of this.

The domains are hosted at godaddy. I purchased them from godaddy and left them at godaddy. All someone did is hack the account and ask to have them transferred and within a couple of hours they were gone. Just like that! They didn't ask them for a copy of my drivers licence or the last four numbers of the last credit card I used or a copy of my hosts business license. NONE of that was stuff they had to provide to get the domains moved. Yet I am having to provide godaddy with all of that stuff, and who knows what more they will come up with, in order to get them back.

Luckily, the site that currently hosts the domains is at least sympathelic to all of this. They've locked them down so they can't be transferred again. But, unfortunately, that is about as far as I am getting with these guys right now. It's fucking ridiculous how slow this is. I thought it would be something so obvious that they could quickly change it back. But, I was obviously wrong. That is why I finally took Quickpacket up on their offer to get another of our domains up and pointing to our site for now.

I think both Azureus and uTorrent will allow you to edit your announce url right in the client.

In Azureus, select all the torrents for ttd. Then, right click > Advanced > Tracker > Edit Tracker URL(s).
Picture 7.png

Then double-click on the url and remove the "the" at the beginning of "thetradersden". Hit Save.
Picture 8.png

That's it!
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