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Re: ffp = shntool md5 = st5 ???

Originally Posted by jazzbo
I'm little confused by what you mean by 'make ffp with shntool' ...
This is what I mean:
Flac Fingerprints
previously posted by uhclem:

I use a simple batch file to create the fingerprint. It's simple because you just drag 'n' drop the folder containing your new flacs onto the batch file and voila it produces a fingerprint file for you in the folder. Here's the batch file I use:

@echo off
%~d1 & cd "%~1"
for %%F in (*.flac) do metaflac --show-md5sum --with-filename "%%F" >> "%~n1-ffp.txt"

It makes a flac ffp.txt file in the folder.
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