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Re: Storing your shows?

Sorry, ill post in technobabble next time. Its been a while since STG went down, I forgot.

Since this is still here I'll ask a second question.

You know in those fancy CD/DVD cases that hold like 100 CDs or whatever? Ok so when you put a DVD in there, the DVD is sandwhiched between a peice of plastic on the outside and this soft material on that makes contact with the bottom of the DVD/CD. Still with me? Sorry its late so this might be nonsense.

Anyways, is that soft scratch protecting material that the bottom of my DVD touches going to hurt my DVD is stored for years? Is that material known to have any reactions to cds? I know that people dont like writing on the top of their CDs/DVDs because the ink can ruin the CD/DVD after years have passed by. Does anything similar happen with these cases?

Sorry, im sleepy. Ignore if that is just babbling to you.
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