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Re: ffp = shntool md5 = st5 ???

Originally Posted by feralicious
I wonder then why when I make ffp with shntool it happens almost instantaneously and when I make shntool md5/st5 it takes a little while... ?
I'm little confused by what you mean by 'make ffp with shntool' but basically there are two ways to get the footprint of flac files: take the hash stored in the meta tags of the flac file itself stored at compression time, or actually examine the audio data and regenerate the md5 checksum, which takes time as it looks at those rather large files.

flac's metaflac command does the former, so it is very quick; shntool actually generates a new md5 so it takes longer. shntool's method is technically a safer way to do things, because it is conceivable that a flac file could be corrupt in a fashion where the stored footprint is still extractable from the meta tags, but the audio data has been changed somehow.
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