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Re: TTD Mobile issues......

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
Some further suggestions:

In the mobile template:
On the New Posts results, remove the X for deleting the threads on each. They aren't needed and I may accidentally delete every thread listed.

Replace that X with a 'last post' or 'last' link like we have on the regular templates - would be super helpful on mobiles.

The 'posted via mobile device' is now just reading 'posted.'. If I missed that joke, ok... If not, now you know it would be pretty cool if that could be set per user in options... A field like "mobile skin tag line for posts" or similar.. Then just call the varible and add when posting from that template?

Search - add the advanced link? Need the option to search thread titles only...

That is all. Ok thanks.
Are those Xs you are talking about Mod things? If so, I am now scared knowing you are surfing TTD with a Mobile with Xs all over the place!

Yeah, I know it says just "Posted." right now. I had been playing with what it said and couldn't think of something new to change it to and left it as just Posted temporarily (and then forgot about it). You just reminded me and I changed it back. I like the idea of being able to customize it. I'll look into that when I go to fix the New Posts stuff. I'll look into a Search by Thread Title only option also.
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