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Re: Matrix(ed) recordings

Originally Posted by lucasweb
Yea, the posts above are correct as far as i know, also i've seen matrixes done with multiple aud sources if there isn't a soundboard source available
Yes, I think that's what was done with Radiohead 5/1/04, isn't it? Combined 3 different audience sources (I am 90% sure) into one...I guess the idea is to highlight the strengths of each....I assume fades and relative volume levels are used appropriately for this reason?

The 5/1/04 3-source matrix sounds remarkably like a good soundboard.

If anyone knows and wants to speak to how these matrices are actually made, I think it'd be interesting reading. What I mean is, is it a lot of trial and error to get a particular matrix sounding good, or do guys have a pretty good idea what role each of the 2, 3, whatever, sources needs to play?
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