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Re: AAC vs. .WAV for IPod's

Originally Posted by BassmanRon
Switching to smaller lossy files wasn't an option in his case, once he heard how much better AIFF sounded. He ended up getting a minidisk player, which worked well except it was more clumsy to control on stage.
That doesn't make any sense at all. MiniDisk players use Sony's proprietary ATRAC lossy audio codec to store everything. It doesn't matter what your source is, it's encoded to ATRAC when it is stored on MiniDisc. And forget what you may have heard from Sony's marketing spin doctors, ATRAC is one of the worst lossy codecs in existence. So really, he did switch to a lossy format (and a poor one at that).

Your friend would have saved space and ended up with better-sounding lossy files had he stuck with the iPod and used LAME to encode his MP3s using one of the "--alt-preset" or "-V" switches.
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