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Re: PAR2 File Creation Options

Originally Posted by RainDawg
I think we're both right, but talking about different things. I am not making reference to video DVDs at all, but rather Data DVD backsups of FLAC/SHN files.
So yes, you're right, but we were thinking of different things. For Data DVDs, there's no need to do anything to the files you're protecting since they are small enough that a few can be trashed completely and a full recovery is still quite probable.

I thought we were talking about backing up Video DVD's. Of course, the methods for Data DVD's would be different, since individual file sizes are generally much smaller. The original post said
I'm currently trying to create par2 files on a dvd sized image - 20% with 20% par2 redundancy and the process is slow
so of course, my method was to break the image down to smaller and more manageable/recoverable pieces. Sorry for the confusion.

Sometimes we take too much for granted, I guess.
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