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Re: PAR2 File Creation Options

Originally Posted by quijobe
What type of machine are you running quickpar on and how much time does it usually take you to create the volumes? I'm interested to see how much of a difference I'll see if I upgrade the machine that I've been using the par2 tools on.
I have a fairly high-end machine (though a bit weak on RAM) with an Athlon 3200+ running at 400 MHz bus speed. To make 1 DVDs worth of backup volumes, assuming no other activity on the computer, it will take a little over an hour. I usually setup 3-4 DVDs and let them run at the same time overnight, and when I get up the discs are ready to burn. It's probably taking it's toll on my hard drives, but that's why I obsessively back things up with the event of an HD crash, I don't want to lose much.
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