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Re: PAR2 File Creation Options

I think we're both right, but talking about different things. I am not making reference to video DVDs at all, but rather Data DVD backsups of FLAC/SHN files. Typically, these files are much smaller so 20% redundancy is more than enough should a handful of those files become corrupt or unreadable. I have not started making backups of video DVDs in this manner yet, though at some point in the fuiture I'll have to figure what the best way is.

In that case, yes, .rar backups would be prudent but even moreso is your second suggestion: using CD roller and hoping that the recovery volumes are able to use the rest of the files (save for the corrupted block), in which case 2-3% redundancy would be more than enough to recover a flawed disc, even if all of the .VOBs were missing parts. Of course, this relies on a bit of a leap of faith in that I am not sure that taking one small chunck from a huge file and then running it through just a few recovery volumes will fix it, and I've not had the time to run any tests. Before I do anything with par2 and video DVDs, some testing would have to be done; that's a future project for me.

So yes, you're right, but we were thinking of different things. For Data DVDs, there's no need to do anything to the files you're protecting since they are small enough that a few can be trashed completely and a full recovery is still quite probable.
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