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Re: Naming standards

Originally Posted by mgleason007
Along with your last point, I hope to be getting a Rio Karma for Christmas BTW, it's simple to add appropriate ID3 tags to FLAC files (or whatever they're called with FLAC) with foobar. There's a plugin that parses the text file and puts the appropriate info into the correct field for a whole show all at once. Anyone can feel free to PM me for it cuz I don't remember right now what it's called.
My Karma is my best friend....take it to work with me everyday. Name the FLACs with etree and tag them with foobar2000, like you said. The name of the plugin for running custom tagging scripts is masstagger, and there is another one called "traders friend" that can auto-tag the fields with artist, date, and track just based on properly etree named files . It can be downloaded here:

Masstagger comes as part of the defualt install package, and I use it for tagging all my does Ape, Vorbis, ID3, and ID3v2, automatically knowing which is the appropriate for each files.

For FLAC, use Vorbis tags (masstagger knows this, but other programs don't) and NOT id3v2, which will work but is a nasty thing to do to your files.
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