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Re: PAR2 File Creation Options

Originally Posted by quijobe
Hey everyone,

For those of you that are creating par2 files in order to add some redundancy to your dvd backups, what block size/block count are you using? I'm currently trying to create par2 files on a dvd sized image - 20% with 20% par2 redundancy and the process is slow (Were talking a few hours). Anyway, just wondering if anybody knows anyway to speed the process up a bit.

It does take a few hours to create the resconstruct volumes for a single DVDs worth of files. When you start dragging files into QuickPar, it will automatically adjust the block size to the most efficient value (efficiency is displayed at the bottom), meaning that you'll get the most redundancy in the smallest amount of filesize. The only option you really need to tweak is you can uncheck the one that says "restrict block size to multiples of usenet article size", unless you're planning on posting them to a usenet site.

You do not need to .rar these. Back in the days of par1, dealing with files of varying sizes was very poor, and so people were forced to make multivolume .rar files to make everything the same size. This is no longer needed.

But yes, several hours to create the volume is expected, and normal.
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