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Re: Silver pressed CD?

Originally Posted by irishcrazy2005
Now that I have this cleared up, I wonder what would be sourced from a silver-pressed CD? Since official releases are not allowed to be spread, I cannot think of other things that might be included.
Before the widespread availability of CDRs, it was not that uncommon for bootleggers to go to places that pressed CD and have limited runs made. The places that did the pressings either cared more about making some money or because of laxer laws in countries like Italy in the 80s legally couldn't be prosecuted so would willingly make bootleg silver CDs.

Even today you can walk into just about any music store and find dubiously licensed material by non-mainsteam artists pressed on silver CDs which presumably would be okay to trade. I would guess that shadier stores and online outfits still actually sell silver CDs of big name bands.

CDRs have made it easier for bootleggers to do 'garage' operations and make their own, but it also has lowered demand, because anyone can make their own CDs -- hence, places like this.

CDRs are even so prevalent I know one record company that (frustratingly) only issues new releases on CDR.
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