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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by ep620 View Post
I'm assuming you've met every hippie. The ones worth knowing probably avoided your narc looking drug buying frat boy ass like the plague. Fucking dumb ass.
Originally Posted by ep620 View Post
BTW: Haters suck. That's the only reason I responded to assTarget"s post.

i came across this dated post and feel slightly compelled to straighten you out on a couple fronts:

-you claim that "haters suck" yet wax all homophobic ['ass target'] in the same sentence.

-you made some wild assumptions -- based on an earlier, obviously sarcastic post of mine -- that i'm a "narc" or a "frat boy," the latter of which i find completely hysterical because you'd never meet a person more NOT that type of character than me.

-i've likely spilled more pot than you have smoked and i'm gonna go out on a limb and say i probably did more psychedelics than the next guy.

-i've upped recently to TTD a crispy Grateful Dead SBD for all to enjoy; it's dated around the time you indicated was when you were seeing the Dead (which is also when i began seeing them; my 1st show was Hershey, PA 6/28/85, pre-Touch of Gray).

try not to hate me too much for it, i don't want to have to jump out of the bushes at anybody.

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