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Seeding help please?


I'd like to seed a show but I am unsure of the lineage. When I got it there was only an "unknown aud" for the source. It was seeded at TMNSP but not many people got it. I believe it may have been pulled by the seeder because of some pops and clicks at the end of the last disc. I removed the pops with cool edit 96 and all is good now. Is this legit for the Den? Thanks

Here is the txt without the setlist

George Clinton & The PFunk All-Stars
Featuring Bernie Worrell and Bootsy Collins
Summer Stage; Central Park
July 4, 1996

Source: Unknown AUD
shn > foobar2K 0.8.3 (converted and bit verified) > Flac (original shn md5's included)
sbe's (d3t6-10) fixed and md5 created with shntool 2.0.3 via Trader's Little Helper 0.9.1 (build 48).

notes: This was originally seeded by Macroint at TMNSP.
Disc 3 tracks 6 through 10 had few pops or clicks which
I removed with Cool Edit 96. There are still some tiny sounds (barely audible)
here and there that I believe is rain (outside concert). There are also a few spots
where it seems as if a portion of the sound is repeated. I
don't know how to fix that or if it can be fixed but it isn't major
in my opinion. This has very good sound but it is a little chatty
in some spots. Especially during quiet portions of the show but
it does not detract from the great performance or the recording.
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