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Re: Site Upgrade last Monday - list problems here

Originally Posted by valcom2 View Post
Maybe this is the disconnect. I am speaking of the torrents list itself. In the past, all the torrents added since I was last logged on were in bold and a darker color, the ones that were on the list previously, whether I had opened them up or not, were in a lighter color (wish I could say what the color was, but it is one of the ones I couldn't tell you what it is, probably a purple or dark blue). I have tried all the suggestions except clearing cookies and cache, which I will try at home. Here, I am using IE 6.0 which seems to have problems with displays on other sites as well. I appreciate the efforts, but it probably is not worth the time to "fix" something that only impacts me, and is not that great a problem anyway. I can adapt.
This page here - - has never had bold or non-bold thread titles. I have never had any code in that page that checks to see if the thread has been read before. This page here - - should have some threads in bold when you first come to the site.

Is the second one the page you are having problems with or the first link?

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
Regarding pop-up notifications for PMs.. those seem to be gone?

I do notice that it makes a little bar at the top of a page, but it only seems to do that for the first page load... subsequent page loads don't have the bar and the only notification is the bolded number in the top-right box.

Is there a way to make the PM notification more noticeable, again?
The notification at the top replaced the popups. If people don't like that, I can go back to the old way. It's up to you guys.
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