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Re: Site Upgrade last Monday - list problems here

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
I didn't change any colors at all - the style and all css for it was left the same. If you hit New Posts - do you get some huge list or just a couple of threads? If just a couple of threads, then the data regarding what is read and what isn't is being saved just fine.

Read and unread threads will only show in the forums, not on the torrents.php page. You are talking about in the Audio or Video Torrents forums page, right?
Maybe this is the disconnect. I am speaking of the torrents list itself. In the past, all the torrents added since I was last logged on were in bold and a darker color, the ones that were on the list previously, whether I had opened them up or not, were in a lighter color (wish I could say what the color was, but it is one of the ones I couldn't tell you what it is, probably a purple or dark blue). I have tried all the suggestions except clearing cookies and cache, which I will try at home. Here, I am using IE 6.0 which seems to have problems with displays on other sites as well. I appreciate the efforts, but it probably is not worth the time to "fix" something that only impacts me, and is not that great a problem anyway. I can adapt.
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