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Re: Site Upgrade last Monday - list problems here

No, the difference is that now all the threads are bold all the time. I have even tried looking at several, logging off, then immediately logging back on just to see what I just finished looking at and all threads are still bold. This holds wheether I am logged on at home or at work. It's not really a big deal, I was just pointing out a difference as a result of the change because there are often unanticipated results from software upgrades. Sometimes they can be changed, sometimes you just need to get used to it because it is now different. Just providing feedback.

[quote=U2Lynne;1093768]Nothing has changed in how threads are marked. When you come onto the site and go to the ABT or VBT forums (or any forum), the threads in bold are all threads that have new messages since the last time you were here. Are you not seeing any threads in bold any longer?
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