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Re: Audio CD files to DVD

Originally Posted by 4candles
DVD-Video authoring and DVD-Audio authoring are different animals. Software that can author one kind of DVD can't normally author the other.

If you haven't found my open source DVD-Audio aiuthoring program that h_vargas referred to, you can find it here:

Using it, you can author a DVD-Audio disc with up to about 6 hours of CD-quality 16-bit/44.1KHz uncompressed PCM audio - normally enough for about 3-4 shows.

It also accepts FLAC files as input, so you don't even need to worry about decoding your downloaded shows to WAV or AIFF first.

Only problem is that there is still only a command-line version of the program. I am working on a cross-platform GUI version (for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows), but that isn't finished yet.

I am currently only distributing Windows binaries - for the Mac you will need to compile it yourself. This isn't hard (you just need to open up a Terminal, "cd" to where Stuffit Expander has put the source directory, and then type "make"), but you will need XCode or the Apple Developer Tools installed.

Many thanks Dave. This is definitely virgin territory for me, but I have some friends who are pretty savvy with this type of coding. I'll also keep an eye on the dvd-a sourceforge page for more updates.
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