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Re: ? re: EAC cue sheet

Is this fixed with newer versions of EAC?
I know that if you select EAC > EAC Options > General, you can select (or enable) a box labeled "Correct bug of wrong filename order in Windows multiple file dialog"

I don't know if that actually fixes the ordering problem.

When I first ran into the same problem a few years ago, I also asked about it and the "famous" Capt. Skipper (of Allman Brothers remaster fame) gave me a tip I've used since then....

Assuming you're using EAC to first extract off a source disc to your hard drive, use the "Copy image and create cue sheet" option under Tools.
Then when you go to burn a copy disc with EAC, you load the cue sheet, and everything is in the proper order.

If I'm using EAC to burn a wave from a decompressed SHN or FLAC, I just drag each track one at a time into EAC...but the suggestion in the post above works fine too.

Oh!! A quick note of caution - if for some reason you received an audio disc that has those 2 second TAO gaps, and you want to use EAC to remove them while extracting - the "copy image and create cue sheet" option will NOT remove the gaps.
Of course, IMO, EAC doesn't do a good job of gap removal anyway - it leaves a short gap that you hear as a tick sound...but that's an entirely different subject.....
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