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Re: how to extract audio from a dvd?

Originally Posted by WKMahler
I've got a solution, although it will cost you some hardware upgrade time and approx. $100 US dollars.

Check into and look up Audigy 2 ZS.

It has 16 and 24 bit audio recording in mp3, wav and wma.
It also has a DVD player.

The player can and will record DVD audio, you'd have to let the DVD play while recording. I did this with many a DVD concert release.

DVD Audio (Queen, "A Night At The Opera" & "The Game" can come out in 24 bit but I've yet to find a DVD/CD burner that can, especially on CD create the 24 bit, I've gone with 16 bit.

1) That is just retarded
2) Creative/Audigy is crap
3) Who are you spamming for?
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