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Re: AAC vs. .WAV for IPod's

Originally Posted by DoIFeelLucky
It doesn't matter if the AAC files are gapless; I don't think the iPod is capable of true gapless playback. Maybe it can crossfade, but that's not good enough.

And I dunno... it seems more likely that the skipping is a result of an error in the ripping process, and not an encoder problem. iTunes isn't as reliable a ripping program as EAC.
If the IPOD isn't capable of gapless playback then that could be the problem. (I wouldn't pay that kind of money for a player that can't play gaplessly.)

I can't tell for sure whether our friend is having true 'skips' or gap problems from what he describes. I agree that if he's sure it's a skip then he needs to rerip and rencode.
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