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Angry I've got an idea....

....that maybe some of you need a lesson in manners....

before I get started, understand that I know my ratio is not the greatest (.43) but I decided to do something about that...

...which is what got me to despise so many of the people in this community. I decided to upload some of my 20+ Pearl Jam vid masters here on TTD. Thought it would be a nice gesture and it might stop Lou from selling my vids at the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department. I up'd my Pearl Jam College Park master to the exact specifications that the TTD has put fourth only to get countless PM's from people bitching that my bitrates were too slow, I need to do this, I need to do that. I also specifically asked that no one PM me asking what other masters I have. I did this because I work 80 freakin hours a week. Guess what? The first 4 PM's I got after posting were from the same asshole bugging me to find out what else I had. I can live with that to an extent....the same guy PM's me to let me know what an asshole I am for not telling him.

For some of us this shit isn't our whole lives. I went out of my way to up this shit. All I thought I might get was a few thank you's and I wasn't even worried about that. I got way more than I bargained for.

This shit is annoying. I was all set to up 3 more PJ masters this weekend. I'll pass. Maybe I'll up them on Pirate Bay or Mininova or something.

Certainly won't be here.

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