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Re: Site Upgrade last Monday - list problems here

Originally Posted by speps View Post
not for me.
And this problem only started with the upgrade? Maybe clear your cache of files from the site - perhaps you still have some old files on your computer that are being used?
Originally Posted by dementrium View Post
With LV disabled, it's working flawlessly. (Damn, I liked a lot the "live" thing).
I've given the developer the error message and I'll see if maybe there is something I can do about it. I'll holler if I turn it back on so you can test it.
Originally Posted by dementrium View Post
Lynne. A different subject this time about usability. (not critical).

I have a moderated Group. When I hit (can't remember its exact name) "pending members" from the notification menu (upper right on the screen), I'm not driven directly to a list of those members. I had to do some "guessed" navigation around the Community area to locate the link which, in turn, drives me to the pending members list.

I will take a detailed track of this, next time I receive a join request.
Hmmm, I've never actually tested that so I don't know where you are supposed to be sent or anything.
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