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Question Social Groups - create (GD)

There are a bunch of new features and U2Lynne has been keeping us posted in this thread... (located here)... Thank you, Lynne

I am interested in forming a new group for fans of the Grateful Dead here at TTD. Our group could be called, "The Good 'Ole Grateful Dead" (Any other suggestions are appreciated).

How does this work? Do we need to request? Can we select our own icon? Do we need to do anything special? How about choosing to go with "open" vs. moderated? It would be cool to have a venue (here at TTD) to hang out and discuss what's happening and reminisce 'bout the good ole days (plus see where it takes us). We could be a friendly home for others who enjoy a variety of jam bands, but have a primary focus on the Grateful Dead Family...

I welcome any creative input/ artwork or other thoughts to help us get started. Deadhead welcome here -

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