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Re: Site Upgrade last Monday - list problems here

IE 7.

My normal browsing behaviour is: hit New Posts, open several tabs from one page, let them loading while hitting the New Posts' next page, and on and on. Usually I don't let more than, say, 12 pages loading, to not choak the line.

Then, happens more or less, what speps commented: when using Quick Reply, switch to another tab, post again, check some other tab, or the previous one with the Live ajax thing running,... then all the page requests awaiting to complete seem to be "choaked" and waiting for ever to complete.

To overcome this (happened twice or trice today) I close the browser & open a new one to contact the site again.

(sorry for the headache reading this, U2L. )

PS: I have my suspicions on the "Live Topic" feature.
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