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Originally Posted by Five
generate a shntool .st5 from the SHN files then convert to FLAC as per the FLAC conversion tutorial in my signature. The extra header chunks will automatically be removed anytime you convert to FLAC. Then you can bit-verify and/or generate an .ffp to compare to the .st5 to be positive that the conversion was 100% secure and every last bit of the audio data is identical. Then update the lineage, etc.
The extra header chunks were removed with a .bat file (comand line) I created [shntool -strip function] with the help of RainDawg.

I understand your point about making a [shntool] .st5 text result file, which I will do. Then convert to .flac, compare the ffp's to the .st5 prints to verify the identical prints. but what if I want to keep the files in .shn format? is that necessary. I mean I have already have a text file with the lineage, (this is moreover a unlikely case) but wont most people question why I went from shn to flac? and start addressing issues, should such issues arrive?.......just wondering....

your post will come in handy when I do release this recording that I've had sitting on my PC for months.
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