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Re: I know how to generate flac fingerprints but how do you make md5 checksums?

The link for converting to FLAC securely using foobar is in my signature below. I agree irishcrazy2005, this is the best thing to do. SHN is a dinosaur!

If you don't want to convert to FLAC, then it's best is to generate a .st5 using Trader's Little Helper. This is the exact equivalent of flac fingerprints and is even better to post than a wholefile .md5 generated from md5summer or the like. always!

Download TLH here also get the update and run that too. Open TLH go to the tab marked "create checksum file", browse to the correct directory, add the SHNs to the window, select "md5 fp" from the dropdown and press "create". After a few minutes you can save the .st5 to the same folder for inclusion with your seed.

Open this file with notepad and copy the contents into the "fingerprints" window when you create the new thread in ABTD.

The .st5 is highly desireable since it calculates a hash for only the audio data and will remain the same so long as the audio remains untouched. With a wholefile ("normal") .md5 any change to the files such as adding tags or seek tables will make it appear that the audio is potentially different when in fact it is not.

here's a diagram. you have to wait a little after step 4.

then your .st5 which you need to copy to the fingerprints window will look like this:

3b3c2728f99267c82e379a640be3e9a0 [shntool] 01) Hard Driver.shn
06d43fe7d99f8d63141458c6bb1b95dc [shntool] 02) Ball and Chain.shn
fde16c205d8ee11cf7510b720d5f9e52 [shntool] 03) Winter's Call.shn
932784dd1ec8e6eaef9328a285aa20ed [shntool] 04) Dancing On The Edge.shn
f605105cc35b5d7a26686801d2d257f4 [shntool] 05) Rumblin' Train.shn
dd9144778a5d9a92d7d21e90a6d8801a [shntool] 06) Devil's Stomp.shn
3b094f7bcff3471feb43c48a6e37801b [shntool] 07) Jade's Song.shn
68367152a016931c45a2ea5751b7cb04 [shntool] 08) Dreams In The Dark.shn
9aae3e8153f0193b4d1f44b860a7dd5e [shntool] 09) Streets Cry Freedom.shn
0553f4f0d1c5554e74382b94daea0534 [shntool] 10) Jam - Solos.shn
fd087abfcb5ae0e6bd9a6dc30858c4f3 [shntool] 11) Encore Break - Blues.shn
8670ee94ba155c06c5927b657dc897e3 [shntool] 12) High Wire.shn
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