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Re: AAC vs. .WAV for IPod's

Originally Posted by ed hochuli
When "import"ing music to an IPod, which is the best quality??....a couple songs skip when i use mp4 (aac), but with .wav, nothing skipped...but to me they both sound pretty similar....any help would be much appreciated! thanx!
Well, it all depends on what your ear can hear and what sounds good to you. Inherently, wav is better than aac because aac is a lossy compression (like mp3). If you can't hear much of a difference, than I suggest that you use either mp3 or aac for your iPod because the files are MUCH smaller. Wav is a completely uncompressed file format. Another option for the iPod specifically is the apple lossless format (alac I believe). This is similar to SHN or FLAC (although not as good from what I hear). Either way, go with what is smallest in filesize and still sounds good to you.


Disclaimer: This is for your iPod and personal use only, never trade lossy files!!!
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