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Re: Seeding speed/Want to give back

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
256 kb/s is like 32 KB/s in BT talk. I used to seed shows all the time when my upload was capped at 32. Just make sure you are in SuperSeed Mode so that it goes a bit faster.

Even, I would make sure that your ports are properly forwarded to your computer and that Azureus is using that same port (default is 6881).

Oh, and I currently get about 52 KB/s upload (around 425 kb/s, I think).
Ok, I always get these little annoying boxes on my Azureus downloader telling me I have port problems.. I just didn't know what to do.

My incoming TCP port is set at 6881 so that's right, how do I make sure my computer is using 'the same port'?
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