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Re: Clipping in wave files--question

I agree, fixing errors that come from the taper's end like bumping of the mic and such is fine, just as fixing a few incidents of clipping is also fine. As for a steady 10-15 seconds of hard clipping, I would think that this would be undesirable under any circumstances. You could either use a hardware limiter set right at the brink of clipping to catch this stuff or a compresser set to a ratio of infinity:1 with the threshold right at -0.2dB or so. This would be inline before the inputs of the standalone. Your other option is to ride the volume fader during the transfer but you have to know the program material very well and need a steady hand to make it sound natural.

It sounds like you're a pretty careful guy, so try it several different ways and listen carefully for what works best. There's no concrete rules in audio engineering, just recommended techniques that usually give the best results.
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