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Re: Clipping in wave files--question

Several things to keep in mind.

1) You don't want any of the music to go over 0dB. Sounds like you've got that covered.

2) A loud, brief noise like a mic stand ping or bump can be fixed later and I wouldn't let that going into the red have a big effect on the overall gain you use to transfer. You can selectively de-emphasize that noise later so it's not so loud or possible eliminate it entirely depending on some things.

3) The last question is more difficult. Shows can have wide dynamics, from very quiet to very loud. For the purpose of transfer, you don't want to have ANY of the music exceeding 0dB. Otherwise you are introducing artifacts. You can change the dynamics or gain structure later when you edit, if you need to. Gain envelopes in Sony Vegas can be useful for this sometimes, to raise the gain of a particularly quiet track a couple of dB.

Remember, the goal of transfer is just to get the best digital representation of your analog source. You can't always get a "final product" at that stage.
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