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Re: FLAC Frontend

Originally Posted by Greengoat
And back to dawg, so I can make md5 files for flac using shntool, but that's not the same as a ffp? I thought they both check only the audio, and nothing else, so why wouldn't they both work. Not meaning to be a pest, I just what to learn how to do this right.
You're not a's a valid question. The FLAC fingerprint is indeed an md5 checksum of the original uncompressed audio data, and will yield the same result as the shntool md5 in terms of the number. The major difference is that the FLAC fingerprint is encoded directly into the header of the file when it is encoded, and the "fingerprint" function metaflac.exe just extracts this text from the file and collates it into a text file. The shntool md5 will go ahead and compute it, taking quite a bit more time. The text of the shntool md5 is also formatted slightly differently....but if the checksum result isn't identical, you have corrupted FLAC files that won't extract or play without error.

With FLAC files, the "right" way to do it doesn't require shntool at all. Just take the fingerprint and record that into a xxxx.ffp.txt file for future reference. You can also use Frontend's "test" function to actually go ahead and check that checksum value against the contents of the tile to confirm that your files are not corrupted.

I hope this makes a bit more sense.....
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