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Re: FLAC Frontend

Well, FLAC frontend is totally unnecessary, but it saves people from having to learn all that ugly command line stuff. Shntool can't do FLAC fingerprint directly, it can only do shntool md5, which is the came checksum but carried out in drastically different ways. In order to work with ffp, you need the metaflac.exe that comes packaged with the FLAC frontend there, but is not accessible through shntool (AFAIK).

So...FLAC Frontend is useful because it provides a graphical interface with flac.exe and metaflac.exe, the latter being the one that handles ffps and is not compatible with shntool. Confusing, I know. for an shntool frontend...I am currently working on putting together a frontend for this, that will actually package shntool, metaflac, md5check (another great program) and each of the three codecs we use on this site into a nice, single installer package. I'm just starting on this project right now, so it's gonna be a while. But all this confusion over "why do i need all these different things" just convinced me that, to make it easy to use, it's time someone goes ahead and puts a package together.
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