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Re: FLAC Frontend

Originally Posted by RainDawg're right. Thanks for posting this and catching my mistake. The tutorial I wrote for that page indicated a download of the wrong FLAC Frontend. I posted a link to speek's Frontend, but in reality you should be using the one from the official FLAC page, at:

Click on Windows Installer version, and it will put on the version that I used to write those tutorails. I'm really sorry for the many links I had to put into that FAQ and all, I just got a few of them crossed.

Try it with that download, and if you still have problems, post back or PM me, and I'll be glad to help.


I went to go dl the "Flac frontend" located in the

GUI encoding/decoding front-ends:

* Windows

section, but that is a link to the one I already have.
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