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Old 2005-03-30, 02:44 PM
Im 100% new and need help

Ok so i just got a nice Light-On Dual Layer DVD writer, and i want to put some RM and RMVB videos I have onto a DVD to play in my standalone player

A friend told me i need to convert the Media to either a AVI or 1 of the MPEG extensions, so i got EO converter and did that. (I went AVI)

Now he's telling me to use a program called VSO Divx/Xvid to DVD to convert the media to a DVD recognizable format.

Then he tells me to reauthor them using a program called DVDshrink

Then he says i can rip them to a DVDR using Nero.

I wasn't sure if all that was right so i stopped after converting them to avi. Can anyone verfiy if all the other parts are correct.

Im actually pretty savvy with computers, but i have never had a DVD before, so if i need to change some stuff, i should be able to.

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