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Re: FLAC Frontend

Originally Posted by RainDawg're right. Thanks for posting this and catching my mistake. The tutorial I wrote for that page indicated a download of the wrong FLAC Frontend. I posted a link to speek's Frontend, but in reality you should be using the one from the official FLAC page, at:

Click on Windows Installer version, and it will put on the version that I used to write those tutorails. I'm really sorry for the many links I had to put into that FAQ and all, I just got a few of them crossed.

Try it with that download, and if you still have problems, post back or PM me, and I'll be glad to help.

So this is the place to go when you want answers.

Phew, I'm comfortable with computers, but this one had me stumped. I'll try the one from the official page sometime later tonight.

To answer a few questions from the above posts,
- I did load flac files into it
- I'm running XP HE

And why do I need to run flac frontend, if I have shntools with the flac codec? They both check the same thing. What we need is, as you said a shn frontend or at least one for shntools.
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