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Re: I retracked a show!

Originally Posted by RainDawg
I agree with Five and wazoo. "Listening to it" is a completely unreliable method of checking the perfection of the digital copy. Using EAC (or equivalent error-correcting DAE method) is absolutely required because it is oftentimes not within the abilitity of the lister to scan an entire CD and listen for slight digital flaws. People miss them, and polluted digital copies are passed on. There is no reason to add CDR to any lineage, but if you must, EAC with proper offset correction is the only way you can be sure your copy was done correctly.

Five is right as well, that a transfer made to a standalone and EAC extracted is OK with TTD, so long as this information is made clear in the original post.

Standalone > CDR(0) > EAC > WAV is fine.
I always use EAC for extraction and didn't mean to imply that I would haphazardly rip it to my hard drive.

I still can't get over that some people have a problem with a standalone, notwithstanding its acceptability here. Because there are a lot of Van Halen tapes at least that wouldn't even be circulating if not for one guy out in California doing standalone transfers and getting them out there.
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