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Re: FLAC to CD?

If your burning software is nero, you will save yourself some time by burning directly from flac to cd, as five told you. I have been going straight from flac to cdr for 3 months now without a single problem.

If you don't have nero, then your best option would be to download eac and use it for burning, but make sure you have it properly configured. I think five has a link in his sig to the coaster factory which will take you step by step to properly configure eac. If you are using eac to burn, like five mentioned, you will first have to convert the flac file to .wav using flacfrontend. I try to avoid this method only because it takes a little more time to do but the results are the same with the two options mentioned.

It just depends on how much time you are willing to put in and what programs you have installed. If you have trouble send me a pm and I will walk you through the steps. The process isn't complicated but when you try it the first time, you may have questions.
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